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Sick of seeing all your friends having fun on the weekends with their shiny new utes and boats? Get the promotion and the new job with the right skills! FAST!

We take it out of the textbooks and into the workshop with hands-on training that you’ll actually use on-site. AND With accelerated learning options you can complete your Nationally Accredited Course in half the time it would take you with traditional training providers. Our industry-experienced trainers will be there to help you every step of the way. 

With thousands of successful students, why not see how APT can help you get accredited today?

Our Team

The Kanonball

(The Big Boss)

Founder of APT along with his father, Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to the table. Most often working on technical client projects, Kyle has a unique ability to problem solve and come up with solutions that are time and cost effective. Always quick with a joke, he loves making the team cringe with the new puns he’s learned. Here’s an example, where do you get steel wool from? Hydraulic RAMS.
The Founder

Allan Probert is the namesake and founder of APT (Allan Probert Training). Creating greater understanding around hydraulics is what drove Al to start APT 20 years ago and this is still what drives our mission today. Greater understanding means greater safety and efficiency, and with new technology we are now able to make our training accessible to tradies and engineers all across Australia. With nearly 50 years of hands-on hydraulics experience under his belt Al enjoys helping out with our custom hydraulics clients and has the knowledge to find a solution no matter how tricky the problem.
Lead Implementer

(RTO Manager)

Becc is an integral part of our team making sure that your journey through your qualification runs as smoothly as possible. From onboarding to graduation Becc wants to make sure that you are getting the skills you need to thrive once you leave APT.
Becc is also a country girl at heart and loves spending time at her family farm in rural Victoria. If you've ever spent some time going through rural Australia she'd love to hear about it!
Ripple Creator


Drew is one of our trainers who has many years of onsite experience and has helped us take the APT trailers all around Australia. With a love of travel and getting out in Australia, if you can’t find Drew in the workshop you might not be able to find him, as he is likely camping out in beautiful rural Australia.

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Scott has been with the APT team for over 10 years now and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training students. Scott loves being out on the road and travelling to help students learn the skills that are going to help them succeed in the workplace. If you have been one of our lucky advanced diploma students you will know first hand exactly how hard Scott works to make sure our students understand every step of the process. But Scott isn’t all work and no play, on the weekends you might see him out and about on his Ducati. Have a chat to him about it when you come in for your next training session!

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Brock is one of a kind. He's always brimming with ideas, and goes the extra mile to prepare a great student experience. If you take his classes you'll know how calmly this energy comes through, as he takes time to explain things properly and make sure everyone is on the same page.
If you love watching cars go around and around in a circle make sure you ask Brocko about his favourite NASCAR team, it will make his day!

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Joel also has worked as a mechanical fitter and has obtained his Certificate IV in Aeroskills with additional experience working in defence aviation. Meticulous in everything that he does Joel is a real life example that getting qualified in Mobile Plant Technologies and Fluid Power can open doors into multiple careers. If you want to get to know Joel a little bit better make sure to ask him about motocross or join him on the back nine to see his more candid side. When he's not in the office Joel loves spending time with his family as well as heading out for camping trips with his wife and kids when he gets the chance.

APT’s Promise To You

We’re on a mission to influence 1 Million tradies’ lives for the better, making them happier, safer, more efficient, and fulfilled in their engineering careers.

Our goal for the next 5 years is to inspire and empower 10,000 students to become the catalysts for safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction in their engineering worlds.

To achieve this, we uphold the following virtues that guide our actions:

We're committed to sustainability and minimising our environmental impact.

We prioritise the well-being and growth of every individual whether student or staff.

We believe in the power of small actions to create big change.

We believe that learning and professional development should be enjoyable.

We bring enthusiasm, positivity, and excellence to everything we do.

At APT we promise to provide a student experience that goes beyond just work skills, helping you thrive in all areas of your life.