Mobile Plant Technician – HDD Fitter

AUR31220 – Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology (Apprenticeship)


Workplace Based Learning

Employees learn directly on the job using the tools and equipment they are already familiar with, eliminating the need for offsite classroom sessions.

Flexible Learning Schedule: The training is hosted online, allowing apprentices to complete modules at their own pace and convenience, which is ideal for those with varying shifts.

Customised Training Plans: We tailor the training plans to suit your business needs, ensuring that the content is always relevant and practical.

Comprehensive Support: Our program includes regular workplace visits by APT trainers, online tutorials, and continuous support via phone, email, and video calls. 


Already qualified in another trade?


Trainers online to answer all questions you might have about the course content and assessment

Work anywhere! Have your qualifications recognised anywhere in Australia.

*once all course prerequisites have been met

With APT training you get hands-on experience working on real machines so that you get the full experience.

We also show you industry leading technology and equipment to make you work safer and more efficient.


And our blended delivery model allows you the flexibility to complete your training anytime anywhere! As long as you have an internet connection you’ll be able to complete the theoretical components needed to achieve your qualification.

During this time if you have any questions or need support our trainers will be there to help. Whether via email or a quick zoom meeting they will get you the answers you need to continue on your training journey.

Then take it to another level, when you are onsite. You will be assigned to a trainer/mentor for all of your practical components as well as to run you through the theoretical knowledge you need to excel.

They are there to help explain assessments and answer any questions you have face to face, so that you have as much chance as possible to succeed in the program. 

All trainers have a strong background in industry and will be able to help pass their expert knowledge on to you.



AUR31220 – Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology (Mobile Plant Equipment) Apprenticeship

Fee Free training subsidised by the NSW Government for eligible NSW based students

Duration : Nominal 4 year Apprenticeship (3 years learning)


Workplace Based. Workplace-based training (as part of the apprentice’s normal working duties) which is supported by APT online resources. 

  • Learning resources and assessments will be hosted on an online platform – access anywhere, anytime.
  • Workplace visit by APT trainer at each stage (approx every 3 modules)
  • 1:1 support provided upon request
  • Online module tutorials to support students
  • Student support available via phone, email and video calls

Must haves:

  • qualified nominated workplace supervisor
  • access to range of work, facilities, equipment and resources in the workplace.
  • be released from normal duties for self-directed study and assessment for at least 3 hours per week- ideally 5.

Recommended Textbooks – Cengage: Modern Diesel Technology – Heavy Equipment Systems & Cengage : Medium / Heavy duty truck engine, fuel and computerised management systems 


To be awarded AUR31220 – Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology (Mobile Plant Equipment), you must complete a total of 36 units of competency.  9 core, 13 Elective A – Mobile Plant Equipment  specialisation  and  a further 14 general electives. 4 stages per year.


 AURASA102 Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace [CORE]

AURAFA103 Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURAEA002 Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace [CORE]


AURTTK102 Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace [CORE]

AURETK002 Use and maintain electrical test equipment in an automotive workplace [ELECTIVE GENERAL]


AURETR125 Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles [CORE]

AURTTA118 Develop and carry out diagnostic test strategies [CORE]

AURTTA104 Carry out servicing operations [CORE]

AURTTE104 Inspect and service engines [ELECTIVE GENERAL]


 AURTTC103 Diagnose and repair cooling systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURTTF105 Diagnose and repair engine forced-induction systems [ELECTIVE A]




AURETR129 Diagnose and repair charging systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURETR130 Diagnose and repair starting systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURKTX101 Diagnose and repair powershift transmissions [ELECTIVE A]


 AURHTF102 Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle diesel fuel injection systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURETR124 Diagnose and repair compression ignition engine management systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURHTE102 Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle compression ignition engines [ELECTIVE A]


AURKTQ101 Diagnose and repair mobile plant final drive assemblies [ELECTIVE A]

AURTTQ001 Inspect and service final drive assemblies [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURKTB101 Diagnose and repair mobile plant braking systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURTTB101 Inspect and service braking systems [ELECTIVE GENERAL]


 AURKTD102 Diagnose and repair mobile plant steering systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURTTD002 Inspect and service steering systems [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURKTA005 Inspect, service and repair track type drive and support systems [ELECTIVE A]

AURTTA105 Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesives [CORE]




AURTTA006 Inspect and service hydraulic systems [CORE]

AURTTA113 Diagnose and repair hydraulic systems [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURTTA011 Install hydraulic systems to specified applications [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURKTA111 Diagnose and repair mobile plant hydraulic systems [ELECTIVE A]


AURTTA007 Inspect, service and repair pneumatic systems [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURTTA014 Assemble and install pneumatic system components [ELECTIVE GENERAL]


AURETR007 Apply knowledge of automotive electrical circuits and wiring systems [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURETR112 Test and repair basic electrical circuits [CORE]

AURKTR101 Diagnose and repair electronic over hydraulic control systems [ELECTIVE GENERAL]


 AURTTX104 Inspect and service hydrostatic transmissions [ELECTIVE GENERAL]

AURTTX106 Diagnose and repair hydrostatic transmissions [ELECTIVE GENERAL]