Onsite Training – Trailer

Onsite Training

For a lot of employers and employees, finding convenient access to quality training that is relevant is hard.

Access to that training at a time and location that suits you and is adapted to your machines is even harder.

APT can bring any of their current course material or even tailor a course specific to your site and deliver it at your site, at a time that suits you.

Our training equipment and methodologies allow us to setup training anywhere there is a room and 240V power. An area of 6m x 6m is required for the trailer and students to move comfortably.

All of our equipment has maintenance history, insurance and all risk assessments and procedures are complete ready for site work.

Interactive Training Boards
Hoses and Gauge
Interactive Training Boards
Power Pack
APT’s mobile training centre
Only Requires 6m x 6m space

Our trainers work closely with you to ensure that we customise any course as close to your existing machines, circuits etc as possible. APT bring all training handout materials to site including pens/pencils and other items that the student may need, no printing or preparation required by you. Our trainers are equipped to bring their own projector or plugin to existing, a scanner if you wish to keep original assessments on site. Certificates and Statement of Attainment are mailed back to site as soon as possible.

The training trailer has interactive boards which allows for all hands on practicals included in all of our courses. Where possible we try to set up undercover, close to the classroom, and we have a marquee to shield students from the weather.

There is no excuse for not keeping your employees engaged, skilled, safe and competent and up to date with adequate training from expert trainers who are familiar with the machines, circuits and issuss that your staff encounter.

Have a look at our courses on offer or contact us to arrange a customised course that suits you.