3D CAD Drafting / Modelling

Circuit Design

APT can complete detailed 3D modelling of system components and layout, as well as accurate modelling of your hydraulic circuit.

APT’s hydraulic design service begins with detailed project scope so we understand your requirements. After all, understanding the problem is key to designing the best solution.

The APT design team’s extensive experience in fluid power system design and installation, together with our use of industry-leading simulation software, means we can design and test your fluid power circuit before the build begins. It’s the ultimate proof of concept and minimisation of risk.

‘Fluid Power Design Is More Than Just Symbols On A Schematic’



Circuit simulation brings your designs to life. Our simulation software allows us to duplicate the exact conditions of your circuit including:-

  • pump size and rotation speed,
  • reservoir size,
  • hose length/material/size,
  • directional control valve and sizing,
  • orifice sizes,
  • pressure control valves,
  • actuator sizes –
  • speed/stroke/rotating speed/external
  • and restive forces and loads,
  • fluid viscosity and temperature,
  • motion control valves, filters –

Basically anything in a hydraulic circuit can be adjusted to match your application.

This means that we can customise the circuit to real world conditions, and show you how the circuit should perform once built, all before any items are purchased.

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