Cartridge Valve Setting Kit

A lot of hydraulic equipment has cartridge valves which are replaced due to being faulty or as a part of ongoing preventative maintenance.

As these valves come from valve suppliers they are generally not set to suit the equipment or machine it will be installed in. Setting of valves on the machine often presents and difficult or dangerous situation to the maintenance team.

This kit is used for setting hydraulic pressure control valves. The manifold is custom made to suit the valves that are used on each site. The kit has all necessary equipment to safely set and store cartridge valves including spanners, allen keys, torques wrench and spare seal kits.

Maintenance technicians are protected from overpressure via the relief valves and protected from oil jets via the perspex cover which is locked in place while the system is pressurised.

Each kit is customised to suit the equipment and valves used.

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