Customised Documentation

Ask yourself a simple question ‘how accurate is the documentation that we supply to our workers and customers, for the machines and equipment that we manufacture and design’

Australian legislation recommends that pressurised fluid systems should be fully documented and maintained in a safety file, over the life of the system. It serves as an indelible record for reference, standard for future training and milestone for deriving competence amongst the work force.

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The design of the fluid system should be fully documented, for the ‘As Built’ system, and include a synopsis of plant, system design requirements, circuit diagrams, Installation testing and commissioning data, operation and maintenance data.

Documentation should be immediately revised and updated whenever a design change has occurred. When alterations are being made to the system, documents should be updated as soon as practicable and details distributed to minimise the likelihood of hazards being created by the use of incorrect information.

Ontrak Boxed Set
Example of training documentation – machine specific

APT’s machine documentation services include:
• Recommended preventative maintenance requirements to maintain the fluid system in a safe operating condition
• Recommended inspection and tests, to check if the equipment is safe to operate
• Identification of any hazards involved in maintaining and operating the equipment
• Identification of all high risk areas
• Energy isolation, dissipation and control
• Safe work procedures to carry out maintenance on the system, including setting of controls
• Create custom technical manual for your machines and equipment, that can include Mechanical, Electrical, Operator, Hydraulic, SWP’s, Troubleshooting, Training sections
• Day-to-day Documentation.
• Maintenance procedures, manuals and schedules.
• Operating and trouble-shooting manuals

This documentation will ensure that new and existing staff members are literally working from the same rulebook! A must for WH&S compliance.

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