Safe Work Method Statements (SMWS) and Maintenance Procedures (SOP’s)

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) help prevent injuries and illness occurring by outlining a safe method of work, for each step within a specific job – they are customised to your machine and equipment, and to each task required.

Writing a SWMS takes time, and experience to ensure that all risks and hazards for the task have been included in the document.


Do you currently have staff that are experienced enough to create a thorough document?
Plus, does your staff currently have the time available to complete this – what other job will they put on hold while they write your SWMS for you?

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APT’s fluid power specialists can create a customised Safe Work Method Statement for your site, your machinery and your procedures, meeting WorkSafe regulations and keeping your team safe.

We can work with your existing document layout templates, or create new custom layouts to meet your companies needs.

swms template
SWMS Example

Maintenance Procedures SOP’s

Do you have a special job coming up and no procedures?

We can help you to generate all the ongoing and one off maintenance procedures that you require to keep everyone safe on the job. We can also help in the creation of ongoing maintenance procedures and planning.

Our in-depth experience in system design, simulation and compliance, coupled with our commitment to fluid power safety, ensures you have the right partners to improve your knowledge and skills, keep your machinery running efficiently and mitigate work place risk.

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