Coates Gap Analysis & Training = Qualification

Jimmy Rapley from Muswellbrook Coates needed to obtain certification from a Registered Training Organisation showing his employees were qualified to undertake their current work.

Jimmy contacted APT and was taken aback that we could make it all happen for him and even in a quick timeframe and even better was the cost including the trainer coming to his site.

Scott Hayes attended the Muswellbrook site shortly thereafter to undertake an assessment of each of the 6 employees and provide gap training to adequately enable the students to marked competent in each of the modules required being:-

  • MEM18071B Connect/Disconnect Fluid Conveying System Components and
  • MEM13003B Work Safely with Industrial Chemicals and Materials.coates-4The fact that Jimmy did not need to send his guys away from the site was a relief and the students were able to use their own site to carry out activities which gave more meaning to the training as they were familiar with the machinery.

This training and assessing was carried out over a one day period and the students all received their Statement of Attainment for the two modules.

The students were pleased to have a trainer who spoke on their level and was able to answer all the questions raised.

Feedback from the day includes

  • Impressed from go to whoa with your organisation
  • The course was tremendous
  • Really appreciate your help with everything you guys did for us.
  • Great service

Contact us to enquire about getting your employees’ skills updated and qualified. It’s easier than you may think.

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