How much is too much?

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Do you work in a place where that same colleague is away at least once a month, off to yet another training course?

Some companies have many courses on offer, that for some, simply mean getting paid to turn up for the day. It is a day away from the normal routine and it counts towards your training for the year. But does this training reflect through to their work productivity and skills or is it another training tick for them.

Quality v Quantity
Which is more important.

Is this perhaps, why employers are reluctant to spend money on training as they lose their money several times over, no employee for the day, reduced productivity, not utilising the training in their return to work? The training is meant to increase productivity and other employees will also benefit from the knowledge gained and shared. Employers also need to track and measure how the training impacts on all facets of the workplace.

APT Training
Quality courses are rare.

Have you found that there are no courses that fit your exact needs?

Many courses are developed for the basic level and it’s not viable for you to sit through and listen to the trainer even if it does mean you would walk away with a qualification. It would be on par with being a zombie for the day. After that what have you gained? A qualification which really doesn’t get you any further in your career goals than what you were capable of anyway.

There are many training organisations out there churning out the above types of course and not meeting the actual expectations of the participants. APT has several ready to go course ranging from Basic to Advanced. Custom courses are our speciality and we are always looking to develop more. The courses can be nationally recognised and can be delivered at Toronto or at any site and time to accommodate you including shift work and weekends.

We guarantee that you will see an increase in productivity along with reduced downtime once completing any of our courses.

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