Improving Maintenance Teams’ Efficiency

APT were at Dawson last week to help with some troubleshooting and hydraulic system improvements (tuning).


While onsite we installed a safety bleed down device to assist in the safe isolation of the hydraulics system. There have been 3 areas in the system which can trap or store pressure after shutdown. APT designed a bleed down system which dissipates all stored energy in the 3 circuits using only 1 valve. 


We also installed labelling for the hydraulic valves in the system, both on manifolds and cetop stacks. This labelling identifies all the valves, the relevant solenoid outputs in the electrical system and the flow or pressure controls to allow maintenance personnel to quickly and easily identify the correct valve for troubleshooting or maintenance. The installation of this labelling is not difficult by any means just time consuming to identify all the valves and electrical connections – but the benefits in time during troubleshooting are large. The trades on the job do not need to go looking for the right drawings, all the information is there in front of them.


APT have been involved with this machine and system since it was imported into the country and installed for use. We have taken care of hydraulic system design and reviews, documentation, schematics and training.


Improving Maintenance Teams’ Efficiency.


What small improvements could you make in your systems to speed up maintenance or troubleshooting – let us have a look and see for you. Contact us to discuss.