Tritton Copper Mine Training

APT are heading back to Tritton Copper Mine at Hermidale for the last 2 day session of training next week.

11 students split into 2 groups have been making their way through the 6 day course in the comfort of their own worksite over 3 2 day sessions. This is made achievable by having the APT practical mobile workshop.

Upon completion they will have fulfilled the requirements for 4 modules from the Certificate IV Engineering MEM40105.

  • MEM18018C – Maintain Pneumatic System components,
  • MEM18019B – Maintain Pneumatic Systems,
  • MEM18020B – Maintain Hydraulic System components,
  • MEM18021B – Maintain Hydraulic Systems Read more here

The students have provided feedback stating that being able to receive this level of training that is customised to suit their needs and offered at their work location is a dream come true. The alternative is a lengthy trip of travelling to TAFE for multiple sessions of generic course material and training.

Contact us and to discuss how we can create a training plan that works for you and your site.