Here are 2 of the ways APT are delivering Certificate IV Engineering (Fluid Power) MEM40105

The possibilities are endless, here are 2 options to having APT deliver Certificate IV Engineering (Fluid Power) MEM40105 for you.

Late last year, 2 companies signed up apprentices to complete the Certificate IV Engineering (Fluid Power) MEM40105. Both companies had different needs and requirements to be met. The following solutions were discussed and have now commenced.


Option 1

Cougar Mining Group Cougar Logo

Cougar has signed up almost 10 apprentices to undertake the Certificate IV Engineering (Fluid Power ) MEM40105 qualification.

Delivery of this course is done by a combination of on the job assessments, interviews, homework and face to face training consisting of practical and theory, which was to take place at Cougar site Tomago, though due to changes in their resources, is now being carried out at the Toronto Training Centre.

Apprentices from Cougar have been split into 2 groups and they attend APT’s training centre each second Friday to complete the face to face delivery of the course. The division of the 2 groups allows for Cougar to carry on with work as per usual and the delivery of training having minimal impact on that workload. This is much more suitable to Cougar than other usual methods of delivery of the Certificate IV Engineering as they would be attending an external location for all facets of training and at times and durations that are not suitable to the workload of those students/employees.

The 1st Cougar group of students commenced their face to face training on the 10th February 2017 and are the 2nd Cougar group is due to commence on Friday the 17th February 2017.



Option 2

Onesteel  Onesteel logo

A dozen good reasons to be celebrating. Onesteel has enrolled 12 employees into the Certificate IV Engineering (Fluid Power ) MEM40105 course. The qualification will take a little longer for these students to achieve as they are taking a longer delivery method. That is the luxury that Onesteel have adapted, by engaging APT as the trainers and assessors, we can work in with any delivery method that suits the employer or employees.

Students from Onesteel have also been separated into 2 groups of 6. They undertake a 1/2 day of training every 2nd Tuesday onsite at Rooty Hill. This enables the students to undertake the training and return to their employee role with minimal downtime to productivity.

Onesteel has a training room onsite where the theory section of the training is delivered. The onsite Practical Mobile workshop will be implemented for the practical components.


All of the students will have access to trainers through an online program as well, from which they will receive and submit homework, along with being able to see when their next course is and how their progress is going.

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Options 1 2 3

Do one of these options look appealing to you, have you got an option you would like to discuss. If you have any questions about the course or whether funding is available to you, please contact us.