Are you a pro at Parallel Circuits?

Let’s see how well you know your parallel circuits.

Following on from our previous post on Series circuits, we will continue to test and expand your knowledge.


  • The schematic shows three check valves with different pressure ratings, connected in a parallel configuration.
  • Next to each check valve is an isolation valve, which can be operated to block the flow of oil through the check valve.
  • A pressure gauge is connected on each side of the test rig.
  • Take a moment to look at the image below. Then test your knowledge with the quiz below.Parallel circuit


  • Question. When the pump is started, what pressure will be displayed on the left-hand pressure gauges, as mentioned in the quiz below?

    Hint- The return line has 1 psi of back pressure when the system is operating.

  • See how you go, you will see your results once you have submitted the form. Good luck.