APT goes all the way to WA – Port Hedland

The bulk terminal in Port Hedland Western Australia was the latest location for us to deliver hydraulic systems training.

Site-specific schematics were supplied to us, which we used to base the training course around, providing the detailed theory of components used within the circuit, as well as what the function of each of those components was within the system, and then the overall system operation.APT Port Hedland Hydraulics Training Hagglunds Luffing Systems

The training course centered around the onsite Luffing systems – for stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders, and also on Hagglund pump and motors used on apron feeders and bucket wheel drives.

12 students completed the 3-day training course, which included mechanical trades, 2 electricians and 3 engineering staff.

Troubleshooting was completed as part of the course training using software to animate the site circuits – we are able to demonstrate the correct operation of the circuit, watching DCV’s move, oil flow in lines, and then actuator movement. A fault button is then activated, and the system no longer operates correctly – students must then work as a group to diagnose the system fault, using tools within the software – pressure gauges, flow meters, multimeters, repair the fault, and then test the system for correct operation again. This part of the training was popular with the students and helped to create a planned approach to troubleshooting that the students can put into practice as required.

All students provided positive feedback on completion of the course, advising that they think it should be rolled out to all trades on site.

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