Delivery before Christmas – Yes – We can do that!

APT received a call on Thursday last week from a customer with an urgent skills gap on a critical piece of plant in Blayney near Orange. The compliance issues and the safety of their employees needed to be addressed immediately.

All this and the week before Christmas, the customer had the best reply they could have wished for.

Yes, yes we can make that happen for you.

After some shifting around of other current work. The scope design and development of the training was put together by Dave Thomas.

Kim Modra was also in the mix with putting the theory documentation together so the students now have a handout of the training information.

Kyle Probert was up very early this morning in order to travel to Cadia Valley Operations Dewatering Facility to deliver the training and assess the students.

APT on the roadCadia Valley Operations Dewatering Facility



From scope, design development and delivery of training onsite all done within 4 days – and in the last week before Christmas!



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