Help your mate’s health with a grill’d burger on May Eight

Remember back to the days when you and your mates spent the weekend together, just you and the guys, doing guys stuff, talking about guys stuff.

Fun days weren’t they?

Why did that stop? Life, Work, The Mrs, Kids.Mayeight Movember image

Whatever the reason its not too late to do it again.

Movember is bridging the gap in men’s health.

MAYEIGHT the day to catch up with a mate. What a great idea.

Click here to find out more about MAYEIGHT.

Click here for details on a free burger at Grill’d.

You can even Challenge a Mate and post in on facebook, perfect if your mate lives elsewhere.

APT support the Movember foundation in their campaign to raise awareness of men’s health. See our previous Movember shots here.


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