I will happily pay to see that

Justin Fenwick is going to do what most of us would not.JF Xero Profile

Hey guys and girls as you are all aware, supporting the cancer foundation is close to my heart with both of my parents passing from cancer.

It has come to my wife Haley’s and my attention that a very special friend of ours has been struck with a breed of cancer called sarcoma. So I’m about to do something that everyone would love to see, I’m going bald as of the 3rd of September.

I would love for everyone to help out where they can, from little things big things grow. I’m aiming to raise $2,000 for the benefit night.

Let's go baldIf you would like to help out the account details are below:

Account Name: Rotary Club of Charlestown Inc
Bsb: 637 000
Acc No: 721 514 900
Reference: TMB JF + your surname

This way we can track funds raised please.


Let’s go Bald.