looks like a travel agency shot – hang on, no, it’s for APT

There really is no limit to where we will travel. Kyle Probert went on an adventure to Groote Eylandt last week….. for work of course…
apt deliver training on groote eylandt
The training at GEMCO South 32 was delivered mostly for engineers along with the reliability team onsite who had previously had little exposure to hydraulic systems.
Starting with our existing Engineers course, we tailored the course to suit their onsite mobile equipment. Throughout the course, where the students learned about hydraulic principles we put this into action with their systems so they could put their new knowledge into action in their daily routines.
Some lively discussions were had around the design of some systems used onsite which will help the reliability team to implement maintenance regimes. This will furthermore improve the long-term reliability of the equipment and reduce the operating and maintenance costs.
The students enjoyed the course and the down to earth approach of Kyles training delivery.
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