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APT attend Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Careers Expo
   Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Expo  
APT attend Maitland Careers Day Expo
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On Thursday 18th May APT attended the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie careers Day at Newcastle Jockey Club. Each year the expo has many exhibitors varying from the same old stands who attend each year, along with some fresh new faces.

Scott Hayes and Justin Fenwick from APT attended and showed off some of our visual and practical demonstrations. The interactions between the students and the teachers and our display was a very welcoming and reassuring sign that students are making sure they are informed of al their options, rather than just continuing their studies straight into TAFE or Universities.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with those traditional choices, today there are many other options to study in the field of your choice and students need to work out what stream of study will suit them best and allow further opportunities for them as they progress through their trade. 

On Friday 19th May Scott Hayes then attended the Maitland Careers Day expo with similar information ready to capture and engage a new wave of interested students. Unfortunately, the Maitland crowd were not as enthusiastic in the stand or the surrounding stands of APT.

As always we are happy to discuss any career options, or training with students or teachers and welcome any enquiries. We are currently liaising with a high school in regards to training Year 9 to 12 who are studying engineering and trade-related subjects. More on this shortly. 

If you attended the day, we would appreciate if you would contact us via the button below and leave a few lines on what you thought of our stand and the expo in general, please quote which expo you attended. 

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Apt receive Cert from Newcastle Careers Expo

Thank you to both of the event coordinators for their assistance in setting up our demonstration items and we look forward to next year.