Oh Oberon, Oh Oberon,

Sing with me now…..o-christmas-tree


Oh Oberon, Oh Oberon,

Our recent trip to Oberon.

We trained 6 staff,

With full success,

Highland Pine were so impressed.


Ok, Ok, I’ll stick to my day job.


Dave Thomas and Scott Lockett recently took a turn each of the scenic tour to Oberon.


Highland Pine Timber Mill had 6 maintenance staff who undertook 6 days of Hydraulics and Pneumatics training. This was done over 2 visits of 3 day sessions.




APT set up the mobile practical workshop on site for the practical components and the theory portion of training was delivered in their training room.


Four different circuits from the Highland Pine mill were used during training to teach the various requirements of their qualification with all students engaging and sharing previous experiences on the equipment.


A great group of guys with plenty of interaction made the training fun. Initial feedback from the guys was very positive with emphasis on the training being very relevant and likely to improve their troubleshooting in particular.