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Safety is drilled into us everyday and everywhere. But if you stopped and really took notice of your daily routine, would there be safety issues, that you simply overlook that have become habit. Watch the Preview of DVD on Fluid Power Safety and Awareness and see if you can identify any areas of your workplace that could use improving.

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Personnel working in all industries are exposed to High Pressure systems on a daily basis.
While hydraulic systems are safe to be around when maintained correctly everyone must be diligent in their interaction with hydraulic powered equipment. Simple things like ignoring a leaking hose or leaving a damaged cylinder can lead to a high risk situation.

The Fluid Power Safety & Awareness course teaches everyone about the hazards associated with High Pressure Systems and the responsibilities of everyone working around them. It also teaches about how to deal with an injury should it occur.

Legislation and industry guidelines recommend that all personnel working around high risk systems should be trained in the hazards – this includes hydraulics and high voltage electrical systems.


Safety DVD Lockout Padlock APT

The presentation covers :-

  • Training as recommended in MDG41, all specific to fluid power systems:-
  • Knowledge and understanding of hazards and required controls
  • Fluid injection, burns, ignitions, projectiles, contact hazards, mechanical movement, whipping hoses etc
  • General safety procedures including emergency response
  • Levels of exposure to operators, maintainers and repairers
  • Isolation procedures including energy dissipation
  • Inspection of equipment
  • Reporting of faults and defects
  • Use of protective equipment
  • Written Assessment and an answer sheet may be obtained too

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