Results of the Greater Toronto Spring Fair

Definitely could not ask for a better day. The sun was shining and there was excitement in the air.

The constant stream of people all day, was amazing. So many people from all walks of life were stepping up to have a go at the hydraulic excavator and the pneumatic training boards. With a variation of stalls there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Biraban Public School and APT are collaborating to create an awesome team for the First Lego League competitions. Mindstorm robot made his debut with shooting koolmints on command. Everyone was impressed. Bring on the competitions.

See the pics below.

Boy operating excavator
Inspiration for minecraft
Hydraulic excavator
Young girl on excavator controls
Operating excavator
Khobey operating excavator
Kim using the crane simulation panel
Biraban Public School First Lego League demo
Mindstorm at APT stall
Boys playing with lego
Robots rule
Demo mat
Mindstorm needs some koolmints
operating excavator
operating pneumatic training boards
Pneumatic boards
Young girl back again
Crane simulator display

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