APT and RAAF – High Flying Hydraulics

APT Training has recently completed delivery of a training package with 8 staff from 81 Wing Hydraulics, based at the RAAF Williamtown.

The project involved the students attending the APT Training facility in Toronto, where they demonstrated their knowledge and experience in the hydraulic field. This included working with circuits and equipment that they have not previously been exposed to in their aviation careers.

Theory and practical sessions were completed, with the students drawing on their fundamental knowledge to work their way through the circuit, and operation of the assessment tasks that were set for them.

The trainers also attended the well-appointed workshop on the base at Williamtown, where observation and assessment was also conducted. The trainers were fortunate enough to see some behind the scenes activity that goes into maintaining the FA-18 Hornet fleet in top class flying condition.

This week the two trainers involved Dave Thomas and Scott Hayes handed over the Certificates personally to each of the

FA-18 Hornet
FA-18 Hornet

students. The students replied in kind, stating they enjoyed the training including the challenges it raised and presented a certificate of thanks with a fine specimen of the FA18 Hornet embedded.

Dave and Scott are currently finalising the development of Certificate IV Engineering Fluid Power MEM40105.

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