APT has reached the halfway mark.

Get Healthy at WorkAPT Specialist Hydraulics and Training have set the goal for the APT Team to see out 3 months of thinking twice before consuming items, thinking about how much they move each day. So far we are about 1/2 way through and most of the team are still going strong.  Weight has been gained, weight has been lost and so far there have been no meltdowns, and yes there has been beer and cake, however it is all in moderation. Shed it

Results as to how the program is going are being uploaded into the Get Healthy at Work program run by Workcover. The team members are keeping their own personal food and step diary to monitor any trends and see a visual of what they consume and how much exercise they do.

Employees are moving around and varying tasks more than previously, which seems to be assisting with concentration to tasks at hand and increasing productivity.

Now that the top of the hill as been reached, we have the downhill side to go, staying on track and motivated will be crucial and the team will support each other til the end. I have no doubt that each has learned some valuable knowledge already and will come out of the three month journey happier, healthier and more educated.


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